Update on Restoration Progress – June 2012

Restoration Report

June 6, 2012

  • The main mast and foremast has been stripped and painted.
  • The Captain’s cabin has been moved to CB Fisk and Greg Bover has been asked, and agreed, to be on the Vessel Committee and to be Team Leader for the restoration of the interior of the cabin.
  • The shrouds have been stripped and a set up constructed on the vessel to prepare the rigging. After a formal request to the National Park Service for requesting assistance with the rigging work, Jeremy Bumagin and John Newman presented a class in worming, parceling and serving and are authorized to assist us with any help or equipment needed for this project. Greg Bover has manufactured 2 serving mallets.
  • The USCG has inspected and OK’d all wire shrouds
  • Bill Whitney has ordered all parts for the engine. The new Twin Disc Transmission is at Guy Crudele’s shop on Pond Rd. The engine has been painted and looks great, photos have been sent to Jim Knott. The wheel has been ordered.
  • Bill Holmes and Bill Whitney looked at 2 tanks, Bill W. will call around for pricing
  • The lumber for the main boom has been delivered to Burnham’s Boat Yard. Bruce Slifer is laminating the spar. Bruce has put in almost $11,000 in volunteer labor and his work is excellent.
  • The Pettit Paint donation has been delivered thanks to contacts by Noble and his son Alastair at Alexseal Yacht Coatings.
  • Geoff Deckebach started as our shipwright through GMR, Monday, June 4th to install the main mast step.
  • The dory has been moved from the vessel to the GMR North Pier to be scrapped, painted then put in the water. A plan will be set in place for volunteer use overseen by Steve Willard.
  • Steve Willard continues on the project of painting the vessel and has scribed the cove lines.
  • We are awaiting the ballast plan and the engine bed plan from John Koopman. 20,000 lbs of ballast is at hand with the remainder delivered within a week. The USCG has agreed to volunteer services of installing the ballast and Joanne will contact CWO Luis Munoz as to their availability.
  • Haul out is planned for July.

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