Restoring Adventure Vocabulary Lesson # 1

Some of the new vocabulary to learn when restoring a National Historic Landmark schooner.

Task – Restoring the Shrouds on Adventure

Shrouds: support cables from the masts to starboard and port sides. Adventure has 12; 6 of which have been finished!!!!

Shrouds of our neighbor, Highlander Sea

Worming: wrapping waxed hemp twine in the 6 spiraling grooves along the twisted steel cable that form the core of the shrouds

Slush: various tar mixtures that are spread on the shrouds throughout the different stages (definitely not the yummy icy stuff)

Parceling: wrapping muslin cloth strips around tarred shrouds

Joanne Souza slushing and Bill Holmes parceling

Serving: twisting waxed hemp twine over muslin layer – VERY TIGHTLY. (Thank goodness for the unknown genius who invented the serving mallet to help speed this along!)

Jane Clark serving the line with the mallet

“Works of Art” – finished shrouds

Simple poem to help remember the process –

Worm and parcel with the lay

Turn and serve the other way


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