Saving Another Piece of Gloucester’s History

Lothrop Foghorn Project #1

We were able to acquire a 2nd Lothrop Foghorn and are in the process of having it restored to working order. We’d like to share that process and tell about these famous maritime tools that were made right here in Gloucester and used worldwide.

This unique fog horn was manufactured by the L.D.Lothrop Co., in Gloucester, Mass. The fog horn was invented by Llewellyn Day Lothrop, born in Appleton, Maine in March of 1836. In 1880 Mr. Lothrop started a general ship chandler’s business in Gloucester. He invented different swivels & hooks for fishing, but was best known for the famous, Lothrop PATENT Fog Horn.

His business was located on Duncan Point (Harbor Loop area) on Locust St, which was removed during the Urban Renewal of the 1960’s that cleared off the hill dominated by the Fitz Henry Lane House. (Today the TD Bank parking lot occupies that spot.)

Watch for next installment covering the restoration work.


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