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Meet Skippy

Adventure's mascot - Skippy

Adventure’s mascot – Skippy

In 1936, Skippy followed engineer Fred Thomas on board Adventure and never left. She lived and fished with the crew for the next 15 years. Stories from the crew tell of Skippy’s protectiveness of the vessel and her puppies. Beware any unwanted visitors, as far as Skippy was concerned!

Joe Garland shared some stories of Skippy in his book,

Adventure: Last of the Great Gloucester Dory-Fishing Schooners.

Skippy ate well if not always wisely, such as when a joker in the crew fed her a popular chocolate-covered laxative, which she so relished that he gave her the whole box, and thereafter she bit anyone she saw with a chocolate. She bathed well if unwillingly, every month whether she needed it or not, when Fred filled the bait jack (the half-barrel reserved normally for bait) with water – her signal to take refuge under the windlass.

Skippy is the subject of our new illustrated children’s book, Skippy Finds Adventure, and  traveling ed program, Skippy’s Adventure Program. This fuzzy crew member is now serving Adventure again as we share the history of Adventure and Gloucester’s fishing heritage.



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